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At Acru, we believe that in order to make complex things simple, a deep understanding of a subject matter is required. We’ve gone to great lengths to leverage years of experience in the insurance industry to create a process that meaningfully simplifies the experience of purchasing insurance.

  • Facts & Circumstances

    This process begins with the Acru Underwriting Advocate. It is extremely important for us to understand the facts and circumstances surrounding a client's situation before we can design a proposal that is appropriate and realistic. While not an application for insurance or underwriting, the Advocate allows us to study the details that underpin the quotes and strategies we propose to our clients. Setting realistic expectations in the proposal phase of our process is made possible by this important tool.

  • Proposal

    Upon completion of the Underwriting Advocate, we then prepare a proposal that often includes various strategies utilizing a variety of products from many of the over 16 carriers with whom we have worked with over the last 10+ years. These proposals include the financial details involved with each strategy as well as the costs associated with the various underwriting categories most likely to fit the facts and circumstances documented in the Underwriting Advocate.

  • Underwriting

    In the event a client decides to move forward with the implementation of one of the proposed strategies, an application would then be completed and underwriting would begin.

  • Implementation

    Once underwriting is complete and a formal offer is made by an insurance carrier for coverage, a decision is made to execute the agreed upon strategy by purchasing the appropriate product designed in the context of your overall financial plan.

Risk. Resolved.

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