Advisor Partnership

Finding a trustworthy insurance advisor is not an easy exercise for most financial services professionals. There is meaningful reputation risk associated with sending your client to someone for the purposes of handling such an important part of their overall financial plan. Matt and Jim have spent their careers working with financial services professionals who value partners that specialize in areas outside the scope of services they themselves provide.

Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s), CPA’s, attorneys, bankers, boards of directors, CFO’s and CEO’s have trusted Matt and Jim for many years. In a significant way, Acru Insurance was created with these partners and many others in mind.

Acru would love the opportunity to partner with you as you serve your clients. If you are interested in getting to know us and learning more about how we can add value to what you do for your clients, feel free to read over a few of our case studies and/or just send us an email. We would be honored to meet with you.

Risk. Resolved.

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