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Non-Guaranteed Life Insurance & no Long-Term Care Insurance
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Guaranteed Life Insurance OR Long-Term Care Insurance
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David (63) and Patricia (60) have worked hard to accumulate assets. Through a policy review of their existing life insurance, it was pointed out that they did not have the LTC insurance coverage that they thought they had. Adjustments to existing annuity and life insurance policies provided better protection for their family, which now includes real LTC coverage.

Acru Process

  • Complete Underwriting Advocate
  • Review “in-force” illustrations and details from existing life and annuity companies
  • Recommend changes to existing policies to better suit current and future needs

Client Impact

  • Increased total amount of life insurance coverage and added “true” LTC insurance
  • Created annualized cash flow from existing annuity to spread out tax and help fund Life + LTC Hybrid policies
  • Cut “out of pocket” premiums by 50%

Risk. Resolved.